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Visit this incredible museum in Sagunto where the town’s fascinating past takes centre stage. Find out more.

Museo Arqueológico de Sagunto, Sagunto Archeological Museum, is an age-old institution in the province of Valencia that has attracted great historians since the 16th century on their quest for undiscovered remains of ancient civilisations.

Sagunto Archeological Museum opened with a collection of Iberian and Roman inscriptions, forming what was called Cuarto de les Pedres, or the Room of Stones. The collection of artefacts continued to grow until 1952 when a building was constructed next to Sagunto Castle, becoming the predecessor of Sagunto Archeological Museum. Today, the collection is housed in Casa del Mestre Peña, El Mestre Peña House, a site with its own story to tell, as Iberian-Roman ruins and an 11th-century Islamic cemetery have been discovered here. The museum building is a former market hall and granary, most likely built in the 14th century. Both the site itself and what’s inside will amaze you. Visit this archaeological museum in Sagunto and fall in love with this awesome town.