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Come and discover one of the most important historic buildings in Xàtiva, which sits on Plaza Trinitat in the heart of the old town.

Xàtiva is a town with great deal of historic heritage. Beyond the impressive castle, we’d encourage you to explore the old town, wandering the historic streets until you reach Plaza de la Trinitat which is home to beautiful buildings, such as 14th century La Trinitat convent. Another building of note on the square is Palacio de Alarcón, which currently houses the local courthouse.

Palacio de Alarcón is the most monumental civic building in Xàtiva. It was built after the town fire of 1707, though there is evidence that there was a building on the same site in the century prior to this, when it served as a residence for the Casal counts. In the year 1760, Carlos Ruiz d'Alarcón purchased the building, naming it after himself.

The building has had several incarnations in its lifetime, serving namely as government offices, a school, a trade union, a factory and a storeroom. It is now a courthouse.

The fusion of the Castile-inspired plan with the cloistered patio and the materials used to decorate it – which are more typical of Valencian Baroque – make it a truly unique piece of architecture. Ceramics, metalwork and wood, dating back to the first half of the 18th century, have been used for decoration. An interesting fact is that the main façade, which overlooks the plaza, is ever so slightly curved to align with the start of Calle Montcada, located opposite.

Palacio de Alarcón was listed a Site of Cultural Interest in 1981 and is well worth checking out during your time in Xàtiva.