Street markets in the Region of Valencia

Street markets in the Region of Valencia

From flea to Medieval, the street markets in the Region of Valencia are an experience. Discover the best in all three provinces.

Customs are certainly not a thing of the past in the Region of Valencia. If you’re keen to experience a slice of classic Valencian life, make sure you visit the numerous street markets and flea markets that are held across the Region. Keep reading to discover the best. 

Street markets in Castellón

The province of Castellón holds all sorts of different types of mercadillos or street markets. To start, there are the most traditional events, such as the street market held every Monday in Castelló de la Plana. With almost 500 stalls, it is one of the biggest in Spain, selling everything you could possibly imagine, from fruits and vegetables to pickles, nuts, shoes and clothes. On Fridays, you can also visit the street market in El Grao, the port district of the city. 

Another of the most important street markets in the province is in Peñíscola. Held every Monday (except bank holidays), the market has about 100 stalls where you can find the highest quality gastronomic produce, as well as homeware, clothes, jewellery and even flowers. 

There are also unique themed street markets that will transport you back in time. One of the most famous is Mercado Medieval de Mascarell. On the first weekend of November, this walled village in Nules transforms into a Medieval settlement. Locals dress up in period costumes and there are market stalls and events that all the family will love. 

Another historic event is Santa Caterina street market in Vila-real. Held on the final Sunday of November, this is a traditional Christmas market, counting over 250 stalls selling artisanal products, food, toys and figurines to put in your nativity scene.

Street markets in Valencia

In València, street markets are an essential part of the city’s culture. These events will win any market lover’s hearts with their products, antiques, collectables, and sometimes even quality gastronomic produce. One of the best-known in the capital of the Region is Mercadillo de la Merced, where you will find traditional local products such as bags, accessories and leather goods.

Another you won’t want to miss is Rastro de València, which has some of the most sought-after antiques. As you browse the stalls, you will be amazed by the treasures you’ll find. Mercado de la Catedral is an historic event selling artisanal objects such as ceramics and pottery. The market dates back to the time of James I.

Outside the capital, there are other great street markets in places such as Alborache, which  has around 250 stalls selling everything you can imagine every Sunday. The street market in Oliva, on the other hand, stocks the finest seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as other fresh products such as eggs, salted goods and desserts. And you simply can’t not go to the street markets in Gandia and Sagunto. The latter is well-known for not only its gastronomic products but also for its clothes, footwear and jewellery. 

Street markets in Alicante

Alicante also has some of the most appealing street markets in the Region of Valencia. An added incentive – as if you needed it – to visit the Costa Blanca. 

An absolute must-visit is the craft fair in Altea. Located in the winding streets of the historic centre, the market exhibits some of the finest pieces of artisanship created by local craftsmen and craftswomen. The atmosphere here is bohemian and the fair is considered one of the best of its kind in the Region of Valencia. 

Benidorm offers a number of different street markets so you can shop as you soak up the wonders of the beach. Named Pueblo, Foietes and Les Nits del Castell, these street markets sell everything you can possibly imagine. The latter lines the streets of the historic centre, making it a wonderful place to live this historic tradition. 

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for organic produce, look no further than Mercat del Riurau in Jesús Pobre. The street market is filled with the typical local produce from La Marina in addition to tasty traditional desserts. A foodie experience par excellence. 

The incredible Medieval markets held in the province also have to make it onto our list. The Mercados Medievales in Elche and Elda are historic recreations that are a great way to soak up traditions and history as you go on an unforgettable journey back in time. The Mercado Medieval in Villena is one of the biggest in the Region and a total must-visit. 

Traditional street markets in the Region of Valencia date back years, but they are not a thing of the past. Populating pretty streets up and down the Region, they are bustling places where you can get your hands on the most unique products. Which one will you visit first?