Legions, band music and much more await as part of this Event of Regional Interest. Discover Elda’s Moors and Christians festival.

Every June, Elda holds its Moors and Christians festival. Large number of locals come together to put on the various events defining the festival.

Beyond visiting the town’s incredible museums, we’d recommend seeing some of the highlights of the festival. It all starts with the entrada of bands in which music groups from different places in the Region of Valencia come to perform at Castillo de las Embajadas. A powerful moment is when the festival anthem is performed and thousands of people sing along.

After this, you can expect parades set to the beat of spine-tingling music, processions with extravagant costumes, embajadas, Diana Festera, offerings to the patron saint (San Antón), and entradas of captains and flag bearers. There are even versions of these events performed by children.

On the Monday of Elda’s Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos, the saint is moved to his chapel and there is a firework display marking the end of the festivities. Come and experience it all for yourself.

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