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If you love the performing arts, make sure you visit centenarian Teatro Castelar the next time you’re in Elda.

A building with a great history behind it, Teatro Castelar in Elda currently runs excellent cultural programmes that draw in the crowds.

Work started on the theatre in 1902, though it didn’t officially open its doors until September 1904. The project was promoted by Sociedad Artística-Recreativa La Eldense. Over the years, the building has undergone various renovations. The first was in 1921, when the boxes, stalls and amphitheatre you can see today was built. The result was a much more elegant and comfortable theatre.

With the arrival of sound films in the 1930s, screenings took precedence over the zarzuela and theatre performances. In the 1950s, the theatre was sold to a private company, which took charge of organising the programme. The local council, however, continued to put on shows here, hiring out the space.

Teatro Castelar closed in the mid-1990s due to difficulties related to electricity installation. It then returned to public hands and was refitted and opened again in 1999. The doors of the theatre have been open ever since, hosting all sorts of plays, performances and plays that speak of a love of the theatre.

During the most recent restoration, a tunnel that was part of an air-raid shelter used in the Spanish Civil War was discovered under the stage in the boiler room. Make sure you check out the programme of the theatre when you’re next in Elda and enjoy some incredible shows.