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When Elda’s original 16th century church was destroyed, the place of worship you can see today was built in the Neoclassical style.

Santa Ana church in Elda is the most historic place of worship in the town, though the building you can see today is not the original. The previous church was built in 1528 on the site of a mosque. It had a square plan and chapels with altarpieces were added over time.

Sadly the church was razed to the ground in 1936. Rebuilt in the Neoclassical style after the Civil War, the current church has twin towers that house the bells. There are six bells in total, the biggest of which is devoted to Virgen de la Salud.

As you wander around the inside of the church, you will see sculptures depicting the patron saints of the town: Cristo del Buen Suceso and Virgen de la Salud. During the various remodels, new stained-glass windows were added in the dome and the central nave, bringing a touch of light and colour to the space.

The Centro Parroquial, parish centre, was opened in 1998 behind the church. The space is used to host activities and events.

Not sure what to do in Elda? Come to Santa Ana to gaze at the façade, walk around the interior and take a look around the small museum which houses collections of religious pieces, paintings, ornaments and Virgen de la Salud cloaks. The church is open to visitors from 6.30pm to 8.30pm from Monday to Sunday (it's open in the morning on some days too). Don’t miss the opportunity to come for a visit.