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Take a peek into one of Elda’s most elegant and majestic buildings, a historic Art Nouveau-style casino.

Casino Eldense is one of Elda’s most prominent buildings, along with Elda Turret and the town’s fantastic castle; this corner of Alicante is overflowing with monuments and things to do!

Established in the 20th century, Casino Eldense was erected by a consortium of social elites seeking a venue to spend their leisure time, with the term "casino" denoting a club or cultural institution. The club evolved over time, until it officially became the ‘Sociedad Artístico-Cultural Casino Eldense’ with the headquarters residing in the beautiful building.

When planning your visit to Elda, be sure to add this Art Nouveau-style building with its charming façade to your list of must-see sights. Step inside and admire the intricate designs while perusing the venue’s cultural events programme.

The casino has a fascinating past, having served as a military clinic, a school and even a wartime evacuee centre. Make sure you pay a visit to this historical building as you explore Elda’s many other monuments, tourist sites and Shoe Museum.