The Holy Grail is the most important relic in the history of Christianity. The Grail is the cup considered sacred because, according to the Gospels, it was the one used by Jesus Christ to officiate the supper with his twelve apostles.

The Holy Grail is the protagonist of the Crusades of the Middle Ages, of the secret of the Templar knights who guarded it, of Arthurian legends or of the famous painting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Today, it continues to arouse interest beyond religion. 
Tradition says that the chalice that Jesus Christ used at the last supper is guarded in a chapel of the Cathedral of València and the city has been declared by the Vatican in 2015 Jubilee City in perpetuity. This celebration takes place every five years in recognition of the authenticity of the Grail. València is, since then, one of the seven jubilee cities in the world.

The Grail Route takes us to know the most attractive corners of the Region of Valencia. This route passes through cities like Segorbe, Sagunto, Torres-Torres, the Sierra de la Calderona (where you can visit the monastery of Santo Espíritu, which functions as a hotel and restaurant), or the Monastery of Puig, Alboraya and the monastery of Massamagrell of S. XV,.. All of these places will transport us to other eras of history.  In the capital of the Turia, around this fascinating relic, we can visit historical sites such as the Church of San Juan del Hospital, the Cathedral of València, the Chapel of the Holy Chalice and the Church of San Nicolás.

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