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València’s incredible walls will take you on a journey back in time. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore them.

València's walls are proof that the city was once protected by tall walls and sturdy gates. Nowadays, only a few elements of València’s walls are still standing. Set off on an exploration of these remains to gain an insight into just how large the structures were in the past.

Over the centuries, València had three different walls, taking the form of concentric circles that corresponded to the expansion of the city. The first and smallest perimeter was the muralla romana, the Roman wall. This was followed by the muralla árabe, the Arab wall, and then the muralla cristiana, the Christian wall, which was the largest.

If you would like to visit the remains of València’s walls, make your way to Plaza del Tossal, in El Carmen district, where there is an exhibition centre under the square where you can see part of the Arab wall. There is a turret, which also dates back to Arab times, in Plaza del Ángel. Additionally, there are magnificent towers and gates, which were once part of the Christian wall, still standing, namely Quart Tower and Serranos Tower. Calle Colón is home to part of an old gate. Exploring all the remains of València’s old walls is a great adventure and a wonderful way to delve into the most historical part of the city.