The Route of the Borgia rediscovers one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance in Spain. Through art and architecture, the Route crosses the legacy of the Borgias through the Region of Valencia, starting with their hometown, Xàtiva.

Until the mid-fourteenth century, the Borgias were one more family of knights. But from the War of the Union (Guerra de la Unión), the exercise of municipal magistracies and the acquisition of lordships allowed them to strengthen their financial position.

The family resided in the urban centre of Xàtiva, which at that time included a vast territory dotted with manor-owned farmhouses, among them La Torreta, which belonged to the Borgias.
The Borgia Tower, the funeral chapel of the convent of Sant Francesc, the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara, the Palace of the Archdeacon, the hermitage of Santa Anna or the Palau de los Borja are all essential places to visit.

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Be inspired

The past is palpable in Gandia. And nowhere is this more true than at Palau Ducal, a palace where artistry and history majestically combine.
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