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  • Elda, Petrer, Novelda, Aspe, Monòver/Monóvar, Monforte del Cid, El Pinós/Pinoso, Fondó de les Neus, el /Hondón de las Nieves, La Romana, Algueña, Hondón de los Frailes
Take a tour around this small county that has so much history and nature up its sleeve. Take note and start planning your itinerary.


El Vinalopó Medio, situated in the province of Alicante, is a great place if you’re looking for a fix of culture, a dive into stunning nature or a spot of wine tasting. Enjoy a fun-filled holiday brimming with fond memories to take home with you. Read on to find out what this county has in store for you and the things you can’t miss while visiting.

What to do in El Vinalopó Medio: history and heritage

Let’s begin our tour of the county in Algueña where we can admire the local handicrafts of straw weaving and lacemaking that go back centuries. We’ll then make our way to Aspe and pay the Medieval castle a visit before stopping by the historic washhouses, aqueducts and mills. The 12th-century castle in Elda is also worth checking out, as is The Turret and the fascinating El Monastil archeological site, not to mention Elda’s Footwear Museum for the fashionistas out there.

We continue our sightseeing tour of historic landmarks in El Vinalopó Medio with a visit to Monforte del Cid. This town is home to the intriguing Roman Iberian Museum and boasts two traditional historic town centres, one in the heart of Monforte del Cid itself and the other in the Orito district. You can’t leave the literary hub of Monóvar without popping your head into Azorín House Museum, and in Novelda, María Magdalena Sanctuary is a must-see, together with the magnificent Mola Castle, the third castle on the list! 

The Cave Houses in Petrer and the town’s museum, dedicated to local archeology and ethnology, are next on our tour of the county, along with, yes, another castle. The last stop on our cultural exploration around El Vinalopó Medio is Pinoso, where we take a look inside San Pedro Apóstol Church and the unusual “El Pouet” building. In La Romana, a village not far from Pinoso, let's dip into its quiet streets and visit the well-preserved public washhouse. That is just a glimpse down El Vinalopó Medio’s memory lane; there is plenty more history and heritage to explore!

What to do in El Vinalopó Medio: nature

Keen hikers and outdoorsy types will love the plethora of trails and country paths that snake through El Vinalopó Medio, revealing stunning snippets of the area’s impressive scenery.

In Hondón de las Nieves, go in search of “barracas” - shepherd shelters - built with the traditional dry stone technique many years ago. In Hondón de los Frailes, you can follow in the footsteps of highwaymen on a trail that takes you through the gorgeous countryside, which surrounds the picturesque village.

While in Pinoso, make time to visit El Cabeço de la Sal, a natural saline outcrop that carves a dramatic salty scene into the landscape. And if you still need to sate your wild side, then take a trip through Los Algezares in Aspe, a natural area in which dramatic ruins and the rocky terrain serve as the perfect backdrop for a photo session.

Keep up with us as we near the end of our tour around El Vinalopó Medio with an invigorating dip in Salinetes de Novelda, commonly named “Clots de la Sal”. This naturally warm saltwater pool is great for a relaxing bathe anytime of the year. And finally, to round off our trip to this wonderful county that still has so much left to discover, we recommend visiting the Calderons Caves in La Romana for a final voyage into the area’s prehistoric history. Let El Vinalopó Medio treat you to a bunch of its famous Certificate of Origin grapes as a farewell gift; uniquely ripened in paper bags, these juicy jewels have a succulent nectar-like taste.