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  • Torrent, Mislata, Aldaia, Manises, Xirivella, Alaquàs, Catarroja, Paiporta, Quart de Poblet, Picassent, Alfafar, Silla, Albal, Benetússer, Picanya, Sedaví, Alcàsser, Massanassa, Beniparrell, Llocnou de la Corona
Check out our itinerary full of fascinating places to visit in the towns and villages of L’Horta Sud. Uncover the county’s important historic legacy, delicate handcrafts and unforgettable landscapes.


Nestled in the province of Valencia, not far from the city of València, L’Horta Sud is a county with so much to offer visitors. Both El Turia and L’Albufera natural parks are found here, as are unique artisan traditions, producing beautiful handcrafts that define the local culture. Find out what to do and where to explore for a truly amazing trip.

Towns and villages in L’Horta Sud

L’Horta Sud is made up of 20 municipalities, extending from the river Turia to the freshwaters of L’Albufera lake. A good idea is to start your exploration in Manises, a town renowned for its ceramic tradition.

Not far from Manises is Quart de Poblet, which features interesting heritage sites connected to hydraulics, and a stroll around the pretty Art Nouveau style houses is a pleasant activity. From here, you can visit Alaquàs where you won’t be able to resist taking some photos of the 16th-century Renaissance style Los Aguilar Palace.

We recommend taking a peek into the old water cistern in Aldaia, and in Torrent, you can leisurely wander around Hort de Trenor house, then chapel and end up in its picturesque garden.

We continue our tour of L’Horta Sud by stopping off in Abal to visit the Arab Tower and Santa Ana Chapel whose origins date back to the 14th century. In Alcàsser, you can explore the typical country houses characterised by their wide entrances that were built for horses and carts. And don’t miss stepping into the smallest village in the Region of Valencia and in the whole of Spain: Llocnou de la Corona.

L’Horta Sud is full of surprises! We march on, ticking off places on our itinerary, and get to Picassent where we come across Espioca Tower, an old construction that has been scanning the horizon since the Andalusí period. Alfafar, Benetússer, Mislata and Picanya are yet more places we recommend visiting; the list of destinations in the county is so long, we can’t mention them all!

Things to do in L’Horta Sud

There are plenty of things to do in L’Horta Sud, like watching a game of the traditional sport pilota valenciana live in Beniparrell or Alcàsser. You’ll be impressed at the speed at which the players hurl the ball!

A trip to the Fan Museum (MUPA) in Aldaia is a wonderful way to delve into local traditions, where intricately crafted, handmade fans represent Aldaia's rich artistic culture.

Set out on a hike from Manises or Quart de Poblet, passing old stone farmhouses, mills, dams and other constructions that form the landscape of El Turia Natural Park. If you’re still looking to get that nature fix, then head to L’Albufera Natural Park for some birdwatching, or stroll around the serene rice fields, setting off from the lake dock at Catarroja or Sollana.

And the action doesn’t stop there! Golf enthusiasts will find fantastic courses to play a round in Manises, Picassent and at the incredible golf club in Catarroja that lies beside a large country house. Uncover all the secrets L’Horta Sud is hiding and fall in love with both the urban and rural delights it has to offer.