If you love spending time close to mother nature, you won't want to miss Vuelta de la Hoz in Jérica.

Just outside Jérica, a town in the province of Castellón, sits a landscape that is known as Vuelta de la Hoz. The area encompasses a bend in the river Palancia, a course of water that over many years has eroded the mountain, creating a gorge that is over 50m deep.

Since 2006, this stretch of the river has been converted into a recreational area where you can enjoy days out in the great outdoors. There is a children’s play area and picnic area. Vuelta de la Hoz was formerly difficult to access, but the construction of a walkway that runs alongside the river – from Peña Tajada to the slopes of Cueva de los Herreros – has opened it up to the general public.

The western end of the trail starts at Los Chorradores, continuing through the pine wood – with views up to La Torreta – and ending up at the recreational area next to Navarza bridge.

Alternatively, you can walk the trail from the other direction, accessing Vuelta de la Hoz by crossing the Navarza bridge.

As you make your way along the trail, you will come across plenty of great rock climbing spots, historic towers (such as the Keep) and the sheer mountain face that served as a natural defence wall for Jérica castle. Vuelta de la Hoz is a great place to spend time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Alto Palancia and feeling at one with mother nature. So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in Jérica, a beautiful destination in inland Region of Valencia.

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