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  • Villar del Arzobispo, Pedralba, Chelva, Tuéjar, Bugarra, Chulilla, Domeño, Alpuente, Alcublas, Gestalgar, Higueruelas, Losa del Obispo, Titaguas, Calles, Sot de Chera, Aras de los Olmos, Andilla, La Yesa, Benagéber
Rivers that have carved steep gorges, villages whose rural charm is intact, boundless landscapes where you can enjoy your favourite outdoor pursuit… Have you experienced the joy of the Valencian mountains yet?


Located in inland province of Valencia, Los Serranos is a rural and nature tourism destination populated with pretty villages. With impressive hiking routes and MTB trails, fascinating culture and unforgettable adventures awaiting, you’re going to love everything that you can experience here.

What to see in Los Serranos

Alcublas is a beautiful village in Los Serranos with white-washed façades that paint a very pretty picture. The destination sits in the midst of a wildlife area, which is particularly lovely in early spring. Make your way to Silvestre Pool to hear a cacophony of croaking frogs at sunset: a unique experience. 

In Alpuente you can explore the castle and walls as well as the medieval plots of agricultural land. There are also century-old juniper trees and archaeological sites where you can see dinosaur footprints. Andilla has a medieval route leading you to historical ruins and picturesque hamlets, namely La Pobleta, Osset, Artaj and Bodegas de Pardanchinos. As you can see, Los Serranos is sprinkled with all sorts of historical remains. 

Next up is Aras de los Olmos, a village in Los Serranos with plenty to get up to. While here you can visit the different locations of the Ecomuseum and do some stargazing: it’s a Starlight Destination. Benagéber with its reservoir, Bugarra with its scenery, Higueruelas, Losa del Obispo, Pedralba, La Yesa: the list of pretty villages in Los Serranos goes on and on. 

Calles, Tuéjar, Domeño and Chelva share a magnificent monument that has been turned into a spectacular hiking route: Peña Cortada Aqueduct. This piece of Roman infrastructure has sections that will get you reaching for your camera. Make sure you share your photos afterwards. 

We’ll continue our tour through Los Serranos in Chulilla. This picturesque village is home to Charco Azul, a pool nestled between a canyon carved by the water of the River Turia, a castle that is a joy to explore and charming streets. Gestalgar is known for its history-steeped streets and buildings and riverside beach

And then there’s Titaguas, a lovely village whose charms multiply in the summer when the centre is lit up by thousands of candles. Villar del Arzobispo has cultural routes that will lead you to Roman baths, a necropolis and more. And last on our list of villages in Los Serranos is Sot de Chera where you can wander through a natural and geological park whose dreamy scenery will transport you to a magical world.  

Active tourism in Los Serranos

Los Serranos is a little slice of paradise for sporty types as there are hundreds of routes through striking landscapes that you can hike, trail run or pedal. Climbers also won’t be short on rockfaces to scale here, in Alcublas or Chulilla, for example. 

Another great climbing spot is Gestalgar where you can also do some kayaking or sign up for a day of multi-adventure. Benagéber Reservoir is a great place to go canyoning and even caving. And then there are the hanging bridges in Chulilla. These thrilling walkways are suitable for all the family, making them a great choice for a day of adventure. 

To round off your trip, experience the Water Walk in Chelva, a cultural, historical and natural route that will leave its mark on you. So what are you waiting for? Come and fall in love with Los Serranos, a county with plenty of surprises up its sleeves.