If there is a current colourful and impressive artistic representative of Valencian values, that is the modernist. A creative movement that embellishes the entire Region of Valencia. Do we start to explore?

From Castellón to Alicante, passing through València, the modernist art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries left many treasures around promenades and squares. Some facades of houses, as well as public buildings,  are the leading exponents and allow us to establish a route that, in the north, is manifested in the Castellón houses dels Quatre Cantons or dels Caragols, among many other samples. If we move to the city of València, the home of Punt de Ganxo and the markets of Colón and Central, together with the station of the North, illustrate the importance that the movement had for the Valencian bourgeoisie of that time. At this point, it is essential to mention also the city of Carcaixent and the Fira Modernista that is held there every year.

This art also came to the province of Alicante, with Alcoy as the maximum exponent. Vicente Pascual and Timoteo Briet captured the vividness of modernism in the Conservatory of Music and in the Industrial Circle, respectively. Or in Novelda´s town, where we find some of the best examples of the Modernist style in the Valencian areas: The Casa-Museo Modernista, the Centro Cultural Gómez- Tortosa and the Saint Mary Magdalene’ s sanctuary.

Get immersed in modernism in the Region of Valencia!

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Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, a new style of architecture surged in cities and towns of the Region of Valéncia. An artistic movement characterised by showcasing themes related to nature, by the use of curved and asymmetric lines, and by the use of ceramics, forges, and stained glass, building houses with pretty stylish interiors and facades, modern and full of colour.
Alcoy is a Mediterranean city with an incomparable natural environment, surrounded by two Natural Parks (Font Roja and Serra Mariola) only 54 kilometres away from Alicante and 105 Km from Valencia.
The city of Valencia has many attractions that make it an ideal place for any tourist. In the Turia capital, we can find traditional routes to experience the Valencian culture up close, fine-sand beaches where you can relax, gardens where you can go for a walk or practice sports, a complete agenda with cultural events throughout the year. But if you are interested in gastronomy, Valencia is a mandatory stop, where you can find various municipal markets with fresh products from the fish market and the Valencian orchard to delight our palates.