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  • Vinaròs, Benicarló, Peníscola/Peñíscola, Alcalà de Xivert, Torreblanca, Cabanes, Orpesa/Oropesa del Mar, Benicàssim/Benicasim, Almassora, Borriana/Burriana, Nules, Moncofa, Chilches/Xilxes, La Llosa, Almenara
We propose a 5-day itinerary full of surprises along the Costa Azahar! Take good notes and start preparing your route through the province of Castellón on the shores of the Mediterranean.


Are you preparing a getaway to the Costa Azahar and want to make the most of your visit to the coastline of the province of Castellón? We've prepared a route that will give you plenty of unforgettable memories to take back home with you, so take note of this itinerary and pack your bags!

Day 1: Castelló de la Plana

We begin this itinerary along the Costa Azahar by visiting the city of Castelló de la Plana, where you can't miss the lively Central Market to whet your appetite. You’ll be able to try its famous coca de Castelló, made with potatoes, and discover the flavours of products from all over the province. In the old quarter, a visit to the Santa María la Mayor co-cathedral and the spectacular Fadrí bell tower, built in the 15th century, is a must. It is well worth climbing its spiral staircase with more than 200 steps!

Castelló de la Plana's seaside neighbourhood, El Grao, is also worth a visit, to savour a seafood rice dish, take a great photo with its old lighthouse or enjoy its lively atmosphere and leisure offer, including a great planetarium! And of course you can't forget its fantastic beaches, where you can sunbathe and relax by the sea. 

Day 2: Benicasim

Our next stop on this route along the Costa Azahar is a town by the Mediterranean that is closely linked to music, where incredible festivals and concerts are held, and which has a number of charms with which to spend an enjoyable day. Benicasim has accessible beaches and some beautiful villas from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that make for a very pleasant route.

From there you can visit the Desert de les Palmes Natural Park and climb up to Montornés Castle. And if you like walking or cycling, the Greenway between Benicasim and Oropesa del Mar along the coast will be a route that will stay with you for its beauty, don't miss it!

Day 3: Alcalà de Xivert/Alcossebre

We continue our itinerary along the Costa Azahar visiting Alcalà de Xivert/Alcossebre, a municipality with two urban centres and many surprises for the visitor. In Alcalà de Xivert, further inland, you can visit its classicist Baroque church and climb its bell tower, one of the highest in the Region of Valencia.

After a stroll through its pleasant historic centre, you should definitely head for its fantastic Templar Castle, as from this fortress of Muslim origin and with a lot of history behind its walls you will have incredible views. Just like those you will find at the hermitage of Santa Lucía and San Benito, perched on the beautiful Sierra de Irta!

This natural environment creates coves of wild beauty that you cannot miss, as well as the beaches around Alcossebre, especially that of Las Fuentes, where a freshwater spring gushes out of the sand itself.

Day 4: Peñíscola

The next stop on this itinerary along the Costa Azahar is an incredibly beautiful town with a lot to offer the visitor. Peñíscola is very close to the Sierra de Irta mountain range, and has immense sandy beaches that you will love, but above all its incredible castle and its narrow streets with white façades within the walls stand out.

You will fall in love with the Historic-Artistic Site of the Papa Luna Castle and the oldest steep streets of Peñíscola, and you will enjoy unique views from its viewpoints over the Mediterranean. And don't miss the Casa de las Conchas or the Lighthouse!

Day 5: Benicarló y Vinaròs

On our last day on the Costa Azahar we are going to recommend two gastronomic destinations. The first is Benicarló, the birthplace of an artichoke with Designation of Origin, which in many of its establishments you will find prepared in a variety of delicious ways. Nor should you forget its fantastic natural beaches, such as Fondalet, its MUCBE museum or its charming old quarter.

Finally, we end our itinerary along the Costa Azahar in Vinaròs, a seaside town with more than 12 km of coastline that alternates beaches and coves such as La Foradada, a spot not to be missed if you like snorkelling in a natural environment. And, of course, try its exquisite langoustine before setting off on your way full of memories of the coast of Castellón. You're going to live 5 unforgettable days!